Restaurant Zvon

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Farmer´s cuisine



Our cuisine in the Zvon Restaurant offers dishes prepared only from the freshest products of the highest quality. These of you who, besides the quality and taste, are also aware of the origin of your food and the way of its production, will surely appreciate our special offer consisting of the dishes made of products provided by the carefully selected South Bohemian producers, breeders and manufacturers. Thanks to this process you will surely notice that all products on your plate are the best we can offer, acquired from our suppliers who use only traditional production and breeding methods where is no place for chemicals, rough handling with animals or threat to the environment. The offer of our farmer’s cuisine thus varies with the seasons. It means that in winter you will not find freshly picked fruit on our menu. However we strongly believe that you will experience unforgettable gastronomic moments without missing some of the seasonal products. 

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