Restaurant Zvon

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Steaks and Burgers

Sirloin steak served with green beans and bacon, accompanied by potato fries 498
Sous vide rump steak with grilled tomato, bacon and potato fries 287
Rib eye steak with espresso – chilli marinade and pan fried jacket potato slices 287
Ball Tip steak served with mushrooms cream sauce and mashed potatoes with leek 287
Sous vide flank steak fillet baked to medium, served with home-made green peppercorn sauce and roasted potatoes with red onions 287
Beef burger from top blade from Mysletín´s farm (medium), accompanied by potato fries and homemade tartar sauce 197
Beef cheeseburger grilled to medium, served with French fries and fat cat sauc 197
Nacked Burger patty from our Mysletín farm beef served with baked potato slices and fresh lettuce leaves 197
Pulled beef burger from Mysletín farm beef in demi-glace sauce served with French fries  197
Club Sandwich with home-made mayonnaise, romaine lettuce and French fries 197








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