Restaurant Zvon

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Beer Snacks

Slice of bread with spicy cheese 88
Home-made grilled beef sausage served with fresh horseradish and cumin bread 108
Red beet carpaccio marinated in honey and Dijon mustard with mozzarella and fresh arugula salad, served with toasted bread 108
Smooth duck liver paté with roasted almonds, wrapped in bacon from Lišov, accompanied by cranberry jam and homemade bread 108
Homemade beef ham from Mysletín, served with freshly grated horseradish, butter and homemade bread 128
Cheese platter 128
Charcuterie specialities from Mr. Číhal of Lišov and Mr. Novák of “Budějce” served on a wooden board – roast pork neck, smoked ham and spicy sausage, horseradish, mustard, served with bread 138
Roasted chicken wings served with home-made garlic and fat cat sauce 158
Steak tartare made of the best beef sirloin served with dry-fried slices of bread or fried slices of bread with garlic spread 228







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